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In our recent countdown of the Top 50 SEO Bloggers of 2011, several people have questioned our choice of ranking methodology.

There could have been many ways to rank each of the bloggers – best post, most traffic etc. but in the end we chose to rank the bloggers in terms of their Klout score, a simple measure of how influential they are online, across their social networks.

Receptional Klout Score

We felt that Klout is a much better measurement of how influential you are in your space than say, your follower count. We rejected measuring blog traffic stats or links too, as these can favour someone who has put more time into their own SEO than others, thus making their blog appear more influential than it really is.

Whist Klout is far from perfect, those who have put time into their ‘personal SEO’, i.e. those who are followed, re-tweeted, and engaging most with peers online are the ones high on our list of the Top SEO Bloggers of 2011.

So there you have it! You can see each part of our list at the links below, and if you’ve got any suggestions for next time around, do let us know in the comments section below!


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