Receptional have done the seemingly impossible

After the Google Penguin penalties hit thousands of websites due to their backlink profiles, we started working with a leading retailer who got hit with the penalty and were struggling with the implications of their reduced rankings. 

Our first mission: To Get them Re-Included.

Receptional jumped straight into the re-inclusion operation using Google’s Disavow tool. Spending countless hours and diligently improving our Client’s backlink profile, we managed to achieve re-inclusion within 6 weeks.

Using their strategic knowledge, the team of Link Building, Social Media, SEO and PPC Consultants on this account created a strategy to minimize the effects Penguin had on their Client’s site. Managing to retain the integrity of the Client’s reputation, Receptional worked ‘stage front’ and behind the scenes to ensure the site remained lucrative in the run up to Christmas. It is important to note that this would not have been achieved without the patience and the support of the Client. A perfect example of a Client/Agency relationship.

Our Second Mission: To Develop a Brilliant Backlink Profile

Heading into 2013, it was essential for Receptional to ensure that their Client never again would have cause to be hit with a Google penalty. Therefore a link building new strategy was proposed and will be implemented in January 2013.

Our Third Mission: To Spread the Word

We understand the far-reaching implications of Google Penguin on businesses’ sites; we now also have the perfect example of how re-inclusion is possible through the Disavow tool and well-implemented strategies. So, we decided to shout about it and let you all know!


Check out our radio interview with James Newhouse Link Builder talking to Dixon Jones about how he did it on the Search Kingdom radio show hosted by airing Thursday 27th December 2012 at 5pm


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