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Here at Receptional we pride ourselves on being a proactive/innovative business, and because of this we are always looking to improve the way in which we operate.

Being a proactive business, it is always worthwhile for us to ensure that our existing clients are happy with our services and to investigate whether there is anything more we can improve, in order to ensure the longevity of our business relationships. In order to investigate the attitudes and opinions of our services we developed a client customer satisfaction survey which was sent out to all existing clients.

The Results

Although only 38% of our clients completed the survey, the results were significant enough for us to draw the following conclusions:

When we asked how satisfied our clients are with our service, 82% of respondents indicated that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the services Receptional provides to them. In addition to this 45% of respondents indicated that they would definitely recommend our service to others, which is a good indicator that our clients are satisfied and happy with the service we provide and results we produce.

When asked the “value” of our services to clients, 54% of respondents indicated that are services are acceptable value for money. This also a good indicator that the service we provide to our clients is valued.

Another significant finding of the survey was that our clients were not aware of new online marketing developments and new services that we offer. Therefore we will aim to be more proactive in explaining any new developments and services to our clients and demonstrating how these initiatives could fit into our clients’ existing online marketing strategies.

With the digital world constantly changing and advancing, keeping on top of every new development and ascertaining whether it’s a potential benefit to their companies or merely a gimmick, is a challenge to most companies, but that’s why our clients employ us. We’ve got experts in a whole raft of services and can advise our clients exactly how they implement these new services to advantage in their business.

To conclude Receptionals client satisfaction survey was a success and an exercise that Receptional will be executing on a more regular basis.