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Here it is, our second weekly round-up of the most recent developments and useful ideas from around the digital sphere.

How to build an audience with Google+ Hangouts

In this article, Sarah Hill proposes how Human media – an emerging layer of social media using real-time video chat technology – can build a stronger connection with your audience.  Google+ has incorporated a group video chat service called ‘Google+ Hangouts’ which has shown to build instant rapport by relaying content in a more interactive, face-to-face manner. Find out why here

Email Marketing through your signature

Fiona Robson of RocketSeed talks with @kelvinnewman in this podcast about how the most basic form of brand marketing, the email signature, can in fact be optimised to non-intrusively promote a brand at the first point of contact.

Using specialist software, text links and header and footer banners can be built around the email structure to imply a call to action. Listen to the podcast here

Two years of Panda: Why voucher & car classified sites were so badly affected

Two years ago, Google rolled out a Panda update which targeted websites they deemed to be of low quality. And how did Google determine this? Through the amount of duplicate content and useless pages a site contained.

Another signal that Google looks at, is the number of people who visit your site and then return quickly to Google to search for the exact same term again. In his post @Patrick Atloft describes why car classified and voucher sites generate a lot of short clicks and therefore why they have really suffered following Panda. Find out why

29 Blogging Business Survival Tips

@chrisgarrett shares an uneven number of blogging survival tips that will see you get the most out of your content creation.

From diversifying revenue streams to treating your social media followers as human beings, Garret provides a thrifty set of ideas that any type of business can begin implementing today. Read his tips here

Google are testing layout changes – Green Arrow Dropdown

It may have escaped your notice, but Google changed how you access cached, similar and share links within the search results by adding a green drop down arrow.  David Whitehouse reports with before and after visuals. Find it here