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This week in digital trends, tablets are trying to take down PCs, an infographic tells us how much time we fritter away online; John Paul Mains advises how we can make our website more profitable without a big budget; Barry Schwartz warns that a Google update is imminent and finally James Gurd presents how Ecommerce sites should lay out their marketing campaign landing pages with examples of websites doing it well. It isn’t all doom and gloom, I promise!

#1 Tablet Sales on the rise, to surpass PCs by end of year

When Google announced tablets and PCs will be treated the same in the new Adwords ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ service, digital professionals finally took notice of the interchangeability of internet browsing devices.

Using Analyst Sameer Singh’s forecasts, Joshua Sherman, contributor to Digital Trends (@DigitalTrends) reports they’re about to take over PCs in sales by the end of this year. Sales of desktops are steadily falling; Sherman affirms their place as a reliable workstation where tablet devices fall short.

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#2 How do we spend our time online?

Facebook and Google, obviously. But what about those rare occasions when you’re not updating your status or searching Google for ways to shift a stubborn stain on your favourite t shirt?

Robin Grant, Global Managing Director at We are Social (@wearesocial), has produced an inforgraphic showing how internet users worldwide spend their time online, including how long visitors stay on the top ten sites.

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#3 How to increase lead conversions with visitor engagement

For successful conversion optimization, an engaging website, compelling ad copy and strategic calls to action are basic steps to encourage lead generation and brand trust. Companies failing to drive lots of customers are without a large team or a budget to create a truly engaging visitor experience.

John Paul Mains (@johpaulmains), founder of Optimization Labs, looks at ways to counter the lack of resources, including four quick exercises to increase visitor engagement, plus, tools to measure the changes that you make every step of the way.

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#4 A Google update is happening

Ongoing speculation across web forums and complaints in Google Webmaster Help can only point to one thing: A Google Update.

Many webmasters have noted major fluctuations in search results and rankings literally overnight.

Is it Panda, Penguin or is Google on the scent of a major link network?

Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) at Search Engine Roundtable reports.

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#5 Examples of effective landing pages for Ecommerce sites

Ecommerce landing pages are created for marketing campaigns either for Adwords, Display Re-marketing or Email Marketing – but not all are effective.

James Gurd (@JamesGurd), an Ecommerce Consultant and owner of Digital Juggler, advises three methods for generating landing pages that will ‘continue the onward journey’ for turning visitors into customers.

Gurd, also provides screen shots of brands currently doing it well.

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#6 How to recover from Penguin

In April 2012, Google rolled out a change to its ranking algorithmic. Google Penguin, as it became known, hits sites where it hurts; in their rankings.

One year on, many websites haven’t recovered their lost traffic. Yet rehabilitation is possible. Receptional’s James Newhouse is one of the few people with experience of managing a full recovery. Here, he outlines his Penguin recovery strategy