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Once again, Receptional have scoured the web for the latest happenings in the land of digital. Think of us as your friendly, neighbourhood digital newsreel.

Last week hundreds converged at the SMX conference in London. If you didn’t make it, don’t worry. The 315 takeaway tips from Wordtracker will make you feel like you were there.

Google has revamped its Maps interface for desktops, with updates to mobile device versions integrating more Google services.

Gordon Macmillan uses Twitter’s Tweet Engagement Data to help you construct your Tweets with optimum calls to action.

YouTube may introduce a paid subscription service – (not you too YouTube!) and, if you’re worried about the future of guest blogging after Penguin 2.0 is unleashed, read Matt Rideout’s (apt surnames) blog post for future-proof link building strategies.

#1 315 tips and takeaways from SMX London 2013

Julie McNamee (@WebnWords) and Hal McDermott attended the SMX two-day conference in London this week, racking up a staggering amount of top tips. They were both live-tweeting like troopers too!!

Keynote speakers covered Google Adwords, G+, Twitter, Facebook, Conversion Optimization, and how you can use data to become more at one with your business.

Find them here

#2 Google I/O: Google Maps get redesign and updated features

Google announced one of the biggest redesigns to Google Maps since the facility was first released.

The developers announced at this year’s I/O conference that every single person will have their own personalized, real-time map based upon places they frequent, Google Plus posts and information from their Gmail inbox.

James Dohnert (@jamesdohnert) at, says the new version labels results directly on the map, and there’s an emphasis upon local promotion where restaurant deals and coupons will be displayed alongside places.

The entire desktop interface has undergone an enormous transformation; the real-time functionality makes Google Maps all the more interactive. Google Earth will be incorporated, benefitting 3D exploration of a city, and users’ photos of various places and recommendations will also be labelled.

Read about the development before it’s released to Android and IOS users here

#3 What should you tweet? Four Twitter tips for the most effective call to action

We’re all confident tweeting and re-tweeting whatever we want from our personal Twitter accounts (why shouldn’t we be ?), but when it comes to business, networking and provoking high levels of engagement, we start to over analyse what we write, how we phrase it and where to place a link.

Using Twitter’s internal analysis of its Tweet Engagement Data, Gordon Macmillan (@gordonmacmillan) has compiled four useful tips to construct your tweets around calls to action that nobody can refuse.

Start re-vamping your tweets here

#4 YouTube set to announce paid subscription channels

YouTube, your online saving grace for free, online tutorials, and tracking down discontinued episodes of your favourite childhood cartoons is set to launch a paid subscription service for some of its specialist channels.

The move aims to give exclusivity of TV shows, videos and films to subscribers, says Lilly Shanahan(@Lilymajella) at Tamar – SEO & Social

YouTube have yet to confirm this, but a rumoured fee of just £1.28 for up to 50 channels should put the wind up other subscription services such as Netflix, LoveFilm and certain TV/broadband packages that been criticised for overpricing a lot of their services.

Read more here

#5 Guest Blog Posting – Post Penguin 2.0

The first phase of Penguin forced SEOs and link builders to reassess their tactics (not us, we’ve always been good little digital marketers).

Guest blogging changed dramatically – spamming was given the boot – and now more than ever, link builders need to future proof their methods which are ‘on the cusp of not being allowed by Google’ according to Matt Rideout (@mridout196), owner of SEO Unique Blog.

The post highlights strategies for guest blogging which will see your efforts ‘live long and prosper’ (you’ll get the Star Trek reference when you visit the page) through the inevitable storm of the impending Google Penguin 2.0 update.

Matt Rideout splits his blog into 5 manageable sections, read them here

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