Salesforce integrates Google Adwords has announced a new product, Salesforce for Google AdWords, which offers an integrated, on-demand system to create, place and track adverts.

Furthermore, the company contends, the two products working together allow the first complete package for the whole sales process, from launch through monitoring to closing a deal.

The new product became possible once Salesforce bought Kieden Corporation, a technology firm which developed an application to link the respective software of AdWords and

Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, said that the announcement "brings together the power of Google, the Consumer Web leader, and, the Business Web leader, enabling companies of all sizes to go seamlessly from word to close".

"Business applications are moving to the Business Web and Salesforce for Google AdWords is a perfect example of the innovation that is possible when we embrace the reality that the future of software is on-demand business services," he added.

A pilot phase of the product has begun, within which existing Salesforce customers will be able to try out the new package free for one month.

General sale of the program is expected towards the end of the year, with a price of $300 per company, per month.

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