Search engine exposure growing in importance

The use of search engines to market products is likely to become one of the leading methods of advertising on the internet, according to leading web service provider.

According to a recent US study internet advertisingrevenues will hit $18 billion next year, and with the refinement of search engine marketingthe use of banner ads seems set to fall.

Canadian firm Toronto web services has announced that it has added UBS and Comtrex Communications to its client list, contracted to spearhead their search marketing campaigns.

Company president Ted Thrasher said: "We are as excited as out clients about this opportunity to increase the bottom line through our proven search engine marketing strategies."

Search engine exposure is growing in importance as more people use search engines to navigate the internet.

US web users are using 2.4 search engines on average and for each query there are an average number of one million returned results offering advertisers significant potential.

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