Search London SEO in 2013 Event Write-up

A great turn out for last nights Search London meetup with almost 300 digital marketers descending on the thoroughly cool Ping Pong Dum Sum restaurant. Tasty nibbles and free beer, which might not have been to everyone’s taste, but Receptional’s SEO team weren’t complaining, what with it being free and all.

Networking and merrymaking was interposed with presentations from Lee ‘no website’ Smallwood and Richard Baxter, around a theme of ‘SEO in 2013’, evidently a popular topic with attendance figures hitting a record high for Search London events.

Lee SmallwoodLee Smallwood

Lee’s presentation centered around the importance of Google+ and authorship mark-up for blog posts. Opening with a bold claim that backlinks will not be necessary anymore, Lee showed the room some interesting slides demonstrating the various first page rankings of his Google+ housed blog posts for, self admittedly, relatively long tail keywords. Placed in 19 thousand circles on the social network, Lee certainly enjoys authority in his sector and leverages this for some great results.

Whilst Lee neatly and correctly summarised that ‘Google+ offers a direct vein into the algorithm’ we felt Lee’s talk was somewhat preaching to the converted, and there was certainly an element of Lee plugging his Nod3x tool (still in beta). That being said, I’m sure a few people in the room would have found the insight useful and will be working on their G+ as a priority this morning!

Tip – Lee finished with a nice heads up – links from Klout profiles are do-follow!

Check Lee out @leesmallwood

Richard BaxterRichard Baxter

The SEO Gadget founder took to the stage after a busy day pushing into the US market with a new office in San Francisco, our congratulations go out to the Gadget team on a great accomplishment!

Richard’s presentation was a brutal and savage attack on the guest post and crap content culture.

Moving away from industry stalwarts that are no longer producing the results we need, and to go a step further, are polluting our web with rubbish, Richard believes that SEOs need to become marketers in its classic sense. This means “talking to the right audience, working with big data, creating awesome and creative content concepts that are totally relevant to our target’s interests, and above all things, learn how to effect change”.

In a nutshell, Richard’s SEO in 2013 comprises:

  • Optimising everything
  • Making friends, targeting your audience, not the links
  • Mobile, responsive design
  • Communicating ideas, winning mentions, rather than old school link building
  • Mastering technical SEO – server logs
  • CRO
  • Loving data!
  • Using wire frames to convey ideas visually
  • Apps and widgets for engagement and attention
  • Earn the love of your community, going above and beyond
  • Keeping up to date – since 2006, Richard has read 169000 blog posts!

Richard’s presentation offered a great checklist of what we all should be doing with clients and at home with our own websites and brands. A very inspiring guy, follow him @richardbaxter


Overall, another enjoyable and worthwhile meet up event and some interesting takeaways and ideas to discuss at Receptional. We look forward to the next get together!

SEO Team

Nick, Dan and Syed at Search London

#SearchLondon – “SEO in 2013” rated 4 stars by Daniel Locke4 Stars.

We’ve been along to several Search London events now, and found them all to be really valuable. See Receptional’s review of July’s event on Schema Markup and Google+ Local.


Lee’s presentation is here

Richard’s slides from the night can be found at:

Photographs from the event can also be seen on the Search London Meetup Group page:



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  1. A decent write up of yet another fantastic #searchlondon event Dan – what a great turn out, Jo did an awesome job pulling 200+ people together for this.

    I found Lee to be pretty monotonous at times if I’m honest and didn’t get much value from his presentation – I think Ryan Foley from Steak gave him a decent grilling on some of his points though!

    As for Richard, a true seasoned professional who didn’t disappoint even slightly. He offered some fantastic and inspirational ideas with his presentation – a lot of value can be taken away from it and applied to what we do here at Receptional.

    Overall, what a great event – definitely worth the journey! That said, those who simply turned up at the back for the free beer and talked the whole way through should be be booted out of the venue next time!! Sort out a management hammer next time Jo 😉

  2. Thanks for the writeup and feedback, y’all, have shared with the team. Hope to see you at the next one.

    Any suggestions on next topic, just tweet using #SearchLondon

    • Cheers Luella, you guys did a great job putting the meetup together. We’ll have a think about topics – looking forward to seeing everyone next time

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