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A recent survey on the skills needed in modern marketing has shown that analysis, measurement and search engine optimisation are becoming more important than traditional marketing competencies.

According to Coremetrics, 73 per cent of the 120 US and UK respondents said analytics and measurement have become more important over the past two years and these skills are now seen as more important than branding and product promotion.

Furthermore, search engine marketing (SEM) skills are also becoming more important with 31 per cent of respondents claiming SEM is the most important skill in their current role and 60 per cent feeling that SEM skills have become more important over the past two years.

Correspondingly, half said they need to improve their analytical abilities and 41 per cent feel that their SEM skills are in need of improvement.

"This study found that analytics and search engine marketing are being prioritised because they can reap enormous return and have a direct impact on an organisation’s online, and even offline, revenues," said John Squire, vice president, product strategy and general manager, marketing services at Coremetrics.

"A divide is opening up between those organisations that have the resources and expertise to optimise their online marketing and those that haven’t, with the former gaining the competitive edge. Marketers that acquire such skills are becoming the new heroes in their organisations."