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Online marketers looking to increase the search engine rankings of their content could be well advised to use keywords throughout their copy.

Writing on Online Marketing Sydney, Fred Schebesta claims that focusing on one keyword per article can help firms drive their attempts at search engine optimisation (SEO).

He said: "Use a keyword selection tool or check your web stats to figure out which keyword you want to rank highly for."

Mr Schebesta added that companies should also attempt to ensure that their content promotes the potential benefits a reader could get from reading the article and look to put this in headings.

He also claimed that adding links to related website pages is "gold" for marketers.

However, Mr Schebesta advised that marketers should avoid adding too many links otherwise it may distract readers’ attention.

Implementing relevant links or a call to action was also recommended in terms of generating an online brand as it indicates marketers "have built trust and credibility."

Earlier this week, Susan Esparza wrote on Search Engine Guide that using "unethical" SEO methods could see advertisers banned from search engine rankings.