Successful social media campaigns have a tone that increases readability. This can range from happy, exciting, funny, casual and approachable and enviable enthusiasm for their work; like Intel:

Intel Twitter

Or the more professional, client-centric and friendly  tone of voice as seen in leading South Wales law firm, Watkins & Gunn Solicitors:

Watkins and Gunn Solicitors Twitter

Ultimately, the key thing to remember when establishing a Tone for your social media campaign is that the core values of your organisation are taken into account. Look on your website, pick out the keywords and key phrases – what are you putting out there?

If your brand is uber-cool, swish and trendy but your social media campaign is jolly, bubbly and loud  – your brand’s message will become lost. You don’t want to confuse your followers; trying to be the next Innocent Drinks may not work for your product. Leave the fruitiness to them and focus on your target audience.

When advising Clients, I like to whip up a rather nice looking word cloud of the Tone their website Is putting across, why don’t you try it too?


Receptional Word Cloud