Strategy first. Social media ROI will follow

Back in February of this year, research highlighted that 74% of CMOs predicted 2011 to finally be the year that social media efforts could be tied to a quantifiable return on investment (ROI). Yet, as we’re nearing the end of 2011, how social media marketing can be measured remains an often unanswered question.

We often have clients approach us with tainted opinions of social media marketing:

  • that it is immeasurable;
  • that it cannot drive quantified sales leads;
  • that it is a waste of their time.

However, more often than not what we eventually find is that their experience with social marketing has been nothing less than experiential, and lacked the solid foundations needed for the marketing campaign to succeed.

Lack of foundations - social media marketing

Define your goal

The most important thing to do prior to implementing any marketing campaign is to first define your goal. Having a clear business objective is key to delivering a campaign that provides a measurable return on your investment.

Once the business objective is clear, consider how social media marketing can support this goal. Measuring the effectiveness is actually the easy part!

One of the benefits of social media being digital is that, through the correct use of website analytics you can track back online sales to find what originally led the consumer through to the site in the first place.

Social media and Receptional

Some of the key things that we as consultants wish to understand is what your overall business objectives are, the pitfalls you face, your main competitors and your key target markets.

Our in-house mantra – ‘fingers and brains’ – is literally that. We have the technical knowledge, and excel in the implementation, but we also take the time to consider our client’s business overall.

Social media marketing is measurable and quantifiable – and we can help you realise just how social marketing can help meet those objectives of yours. But you absolutely must have a business goal in mind before you jump in.

As we reach that time of the year when the new year plans are due, contact the social media team online or call +44(0)1525 715520 to discuss your online marketing needs for 2012, and how social marketing can fit in (ask for either me – Brad Jordan, or Marc Rigby). Of course we’d much rather you drop in to our Bedfordshire offices, meet the team and discuss your requirements with us face to face.

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