Sweden is Most ICT Benefiting Country

A study by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has revealed that Sweden and Singapore are the most competitive countries when it comes to the digital economy.

Nordic and Asian economies in general are the best at using information and communication technologies (ICT) to boost their growth, according to the WEF.

Finland ranked third, followed by Switzerland and the United States respectively. The United Kingdom ranked in 15th position in the WEF report, below both Germany and Luxembourg. Chad, Burundi and East Timor made up the bottom three, while Bosnia and Herzegovina and Armenia were the lowest-ranking European nations of the 138 economies covered.

The other Nordic countries fared well, with Denmark in seventh spot, Norway ninth and Iceland ranking 16th.

The other Asian Tiger economies that placed highly were Taiwain and South Korea in positions six and ten respectively, followed by Hong Kong in 12th.

The WEF report focussed on the power of ICT transforming society over the next decade through modernisation and innovation.

The three areas assessed in this report are the regulatory and infrastructure for ICT, the readiness of individuals, businesses and governments to use ICT and the actual usage of ICT.

Most Digitally Connected Economies 

Source: WEF


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