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The Challenge

The brief with this project was a site migration and construction of the new Content Management System (CMS) for Sydney Mitchell, a solicitors firm based in Birmingham.

The aim was to ultimately provide Sydney Mitchell with a technically sound website, utilising search engine optimisation best practices, unique search engine friendly content and keyword optimised pages to increase visitors and online conversions.


The main issue with Sydney Mitchell’s site was the inability to easily update their own content. The site was inflexible and rigid with a poor website structure. Traffic from search engines was low, with 90% landing on the website from brand related queries.

Receptional recognised the poor structure and dated design was presenting severe usability issues, making content difficult to find and appearing unappealing to visitors. As such, the website suffered a high bounce rate.

The Strategy

The priority was to give control of the website back to Sydney Mitchell with the creation of a fully customised Content Management System (CMS). The system was built by Receptional according to specific requirements needed, inlcuding user log ins with customised profiles and permission settings, blog and news feed functionality.

The new CMS was accompanied by a brand new website design to enhance usabilty, which was crowd sourced. Over 100 professional designs were produced with Sydney Mitchell assessing the merits of each before choosing a winning design.

The new website was then constructed using best practise SEO techniques to ensure maximum search engine success, including creation of new, optimised copy by our in house SEO copywriters.

The Results

Since the website relaunch in April 2010, organic traffic has risen considerably. The percentage increases from April 2010 to March 2011 included:

  • Unique visitors up 56%
  • Non brand related traffic up 176%
  • Bounce rate down 16%
  • Time spent on the website up 11%
  • Website enquiries up 135%