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The Google Plus Platform blog revealed not one, but two awesome updates to Google+ features which will help you gain greater ownership of your content across the web.

The first: Author attribution

From today, Google is integrating more web platforms in to its Google+ Sign in Authorship programme. So if you’re a user of WordPress and Typepad, you’ll benefit initially.

The way it works is like this: if you sign into WordPress via Google for example, any articles or content published here will be instantaneously associated with your Google + profile, culminating in a greater monopoly of your content that is created on non-Google platforms.

This means that Google can now serve your credentials – e.g. your mug shot, name and even a link to your Google+ profile – in the search results for relevant content that may not have even had a look in before.  

Google are looking to include other platforms, like the enormous article based sites, WikiHow and Examiner and potentially any other platforms and apps that utilize the Google+ Sign In – I’m predicting that there’s definitely more to follow suit in the not-so-distant future.

Remember that you have to make sure that the association of websites that you contribute content to are listed in your contributor section in Google+ in order to take advantage of this.

The Second: Embedded posts

And here’s your second treat.

Now that many of us are posting great content on Google+, site owners will be able to add public Google+ posts to their webpages as a reference point or a primary source. This will include all media, so frequent posters of funny cat gifs will be accommodated. Visitors can even +1, add a comment and follow you within the embedded post.

Here’s how it works:

As the site owner, you can simply select the drop down arrow from a public post and select “Embed post”, copy the code and it’s as simple as the steps below:

And then you’ll see a big block of code which is yours for the taking:

You’re an embedding super star.

Sometimes I think my one-liners in my Google+ posts need more recognition; I’m sure website owners will be falling over themselves to include them in thier web pages. Thanks so much Google+!

Also, I think this is the perfect time to resurrect my WordPress blog!

What do you think about the announcement?

With the ability to apply authorship to more of your own content on the web, now’s the perfect time to establish your business’ content marketing authority with authorship. Get in touch below if you need help building your brand via content marketing.


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