Posted by 0 Comments Others have revealed their research carried out in February looking at communication providers who have 4% or more of the marketshare.

They interviewed thousands of customers asking to rate the customer service they received and if they had contacted their provider within the past three months.

The table below shows the number of customers who were Satisfied, Dissatisfied and Neutral about their supplier’s service:

Provider Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied
Orange 76% 13% 11%
BSkyB 60% 24% 16%
BT 57% 23% 20%
Virgin Media 56% 24% 20%
TalkTalk/Tiscali 52% 25% 23%

Source: Ofcom

TalkTalk customers have the lowest satisfaction levels; with 23% of those surveyed claiming they were dissatisfied with the service they were provided.  Common complaints about TalkTalk included not being able to get through to the right person on the phone, the speed in which they answered the phone and the quality of advice given being unsatisfactory.

At the other end of the table, Orange’s customer service ranked top; just two years after finishing bottom of Ofcom’s survey.  When interviewed in 2011, 76% of their customers were satisfied with the service Orange provide.

BskyB also saw an improvement on the customer satisfaction list.

Connection speeds was once again the biggest issue with customers, followed by the difficulty of changing tariffs and bills that were higher than anticipated.