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Remember these?! I can hardly contain my excitement as I write this because that old essential retro pixel pet that you begged your parents to buy you back in ’97 is set to make a dirty protest all over your Smart Phone Screen (only if you were like me and forgot to ‘clean’ the critter often enough!)


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This pocket-sized pet was re-released this February by Bandi as a free Android app called Tamagotchi L.I.F.E in the US and Canada only. Alas, iPhone users and us Brits will have to wait a little longer…

Classic virtual pet is given the social share make-over

The design is the same as is the experience: the egg hatches and you must care for the weird looking creature against all odds, even if this means forgoing tight work deadlines, taking into class (I remember I did) or interrupting a board meeting to play a quick game with it; however, like the majority of re-released classics, it’s been given the social treatment as you can now take pictures of your little friend and share them with all of your real life friends that will most probably have one too (if they don’t, they obviously weren’t cool in the 90s)

The re-imaging of this Japanese craze also offers more than one character to play with and full colour screen resolution, although…I think I would like to be given the option of the original black and white screen, you know, just for old time’s sake – but, you can collect different tamagotchi’s in a pseudo-Pokémon ‘gotta catch them all’ effort, which I probably will get sucked into. As soon as it’s available to in the UK, I may as well kiss goodbye to my social life.

Other retro toys and games available as phone apps

Furby App


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It’s not just the virtual key-ring pet that has made a comeback; the Furby is now able to annoy you from a whole different platform. The app possibly isn’t as creepy as the toy (I remember having to shut mine in a dark cupboard because it had either mal-functioned or been possessed) in the sense that you can now translate ‘Furbish’ into ‘real time’ according to the app’s developers. In fact they’ve made a pretty big deal about translating the Furbish language into a communicable language as the app also comes with a fully operating ‘Furby dictionary’ – maybe they realised the error with the original toy was the made-up language barrier. Oh, and the new Furby only eats sandwiches. This already sounds like a decent upgrade.

Sonic the Hedgehog


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When I was a kid, my biggest problems included not being able to play out as late as I wanted to and the evil Dr Eggman who kept turning animals into mechanical monsters. Well, my arch rival is back and ready to be defeated all over again in the Sonic the Hedgehog app available for iOS and Android. For a small fee you can put Sonic through his paces once again in zones such as the Green Hill Zone and Labyrinth Zone wherever and whenever you want.

What next? Future predictions for smartphone apps

So what do I think will be the next real life game or toy to be digitized? Well, there are a couple of plastic surgery apps out there. I don’t really understand what purpose they serve other than to potentially undermine people’s confidence, but the old Operation board game would be a lighter alternative to probing the human body. Plus, the nature of the touch screen traverses the necessity of interaction. So if you’re listening Hasbro, sort it out.


Image courtesy http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/90s%20toys

Other re-releases could include ‘Dream Phone’, although that may not be as innocent as it used to be if it’s downloaded onto an actual working phone; Pogs – but don’t actually throw your phone to the ground, and Etch ‘a’ Sketch with the original dials attached to a facia that you can affix to the front of your phone. I think it would be better than the Draw app anyway!


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  1. Gladys FernandezMarch 18, 2013 at 3:39 am · Reply

    Cool, this really reminds me of my childhood…now I have Pou in my android

  2. Pogs!

    Brian Deane, Pavel Srnicek, Darren Pitcher and Gheorghe Hagi are the 4 football pogs in the image in case anybody was struggling 😉

  3. The only fun I ever had at sleepovers.


    Great post Zoe!

  4. The version of tamagotchi now is Pou on android. I missed my childhood days.

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