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Now one of the top trending topics on twitter today was ‘teens don’t tweet’ and after investigating what all this was about I see that this has to do with the stories that have been surfacing recently to do with the Morgan Stanley ‘How teenagers consume the media’ document (featured below). This document is very interesting and has been written with the viewpoint of one of their 15 year old interns who was asked to describe how he and his friends consume media. Now most of this I did already know but statements such as "teenagers do not use twitter. Most have signed up to the service, but then just leave it as they release that they are not going to update it (mostly because texting twitter uses up credit, and they would rather text friends with that credit)" which speak specifically about twitter have got me thinking.


With a majority of advertisers trying to reach these ‘tween’ and teenage audiences (as these audiences have long had the buying power in most family homes with much power over purchasing decisions for anything from furniture to entertainment, music, and consumable goods such as food and drink etc.) this could be a scary prospect that these audiences do not use twitter. Now I don’t necessarily think this is 100% the truth, as with most technologies on the internet, and primarily social Media platforms and practices, these younger audiences are the ones who lead the way by understanding, creating and implementing new functionality quicker than older generations. This is not so much the case for twitter currently.


Demographic age related info – Twitter – Source: Google tools

This table above shows the demographic age related data of UK users of Twitter. The majority of users are aged 25 to 34, this is generally the young educated audiences with disposable income, post university. Even though the 0 – 17 and 18 – 24 age brackets are much lower in amount of users, when you consider that out of the 7.5 million UK users of Twitter the total amount of these users will be in the region of 1,650,000 people it begs the question, ‘is this really a demographic on twitter that can be ignored?’. These audiences generally learn from each other. This is how Social Media has grown by epic leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, not from advertising these platforms, but from word of mouth from these core markets telling everyone about them. So is it just a matter of time before these markets start to grow, maybe overtaking the current majority of 25-44 year olds? Only time will tell!


But some food for thought, with twitter showing a 1382% growth from 2008-2009 (Neilsen report), and teen idols such as Miley Cyrus who are using twitter religiously as well as talking about it and being in the news because of it daily; it’s only a matter of time before this demographic becomes a powerful entity for Social Media Marketing on Twitter.

Morgan Stanley report below:


How Teenagers Consume Media