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Some of you will remember the previous ‘Teens Don’t Tweet‘ Blog post from last month, although something that happened today in regards to Twitter has made me think that it maybe isn’t the case.

Top trending topic today was ‘Happy Birthday Nick’. I was curious to see what this was about and when I found out that it was in relation to Nick from the teeny-bopper sensation Jonas Brothers I was very surprised! To get to the top of the trending topics in Twitter there has to be many thousands of tweets with the trending term in it and this will have to continue to make sure that it stays top, as this trending topic in question has. If under 25’s (the audience that was suggested that doesn’t use twitter) aren’t tweeting then it would be very hard for a term like ‘Happy Birthday Nick’ to appear in the top spot of twitter trending topics; but its there!

Recently I have seen a much more prolific celeb culture on Twitter grow with a lot of the entertainment news and gossip being pushed around twitter between lots of people and it seems to be creating a celeb culture of its own where if you have a comment to make about a celeb you can almost do it right to their face! With celebs from around the world tweeting constantly with their fans and each other it gives you the opportunity to listen to their conversations, arguments and comments. This is an attractive and exciting prospect for the celeb and fame obsessed culture that the under 25’s are buying into, and will only see these age ranges grow more prolifically in the coming months.

With recent scandals such as the infamous Kanye West Stage Storm at the VMA’s there have been a huge outpouring of opinion, emotion, talks, conversations, poll’s, and wealth of communication about current events which celebs who use twitter (the majority of them now) are more than happy to tweet about as its happening. The prime example of this was the comments made by the singers PINK and Katy Perry (Below) who were only a few who were very quick to condemn Kanye West for his behaviour at the Video Music Awards from their very seats within seconds of the event happening. They tweeted from their phones, as did many of the celebs at the awards ceremony, which told the world before any newspaper or online blog.

This has seen twitter now being used as a lightning speed current event, breaking news and PR resource which is not rivalled by any other source. Many of today’s news stories will be featuring quotes and references to Tweets rather than journalistic sources such as Reuters or the BBC. With the speed of online journalism there needs to be a facilitator for this fast paced sector, and where better than Twitter?

Twitter has surpassed all the original functionality and is starting to become a daily facet of so many people lives around the world. It is starting to transcend the previous age, demographic, and geographic niche which is has had in the past year and is starting to become a platform for anyone to do anything that they want online. So ‘Happy Birthday to Nick’ Jonas and welcome Marketers, your opportunities to interact with consumers of all ages is finally here, and it’s all waiting for you on Twitter!