The emergence of social media as a direct marketing channel

Social media is fast establishing itself as a direct marketing channel and as such should be considered a valuable tool for any brand conscious and marketing savvy company.

Social media is the hot area within online marketing, with ever more businesses looking to directly and interactively communicate with their customers it offers the ability to speak to people without beating them over the head with your message. But what you choose to say is, of course, of massive importance. After all, there’s no benefit from gaining a valuable piece of a potential or existing customers time only to drive them away with spam filled verbal diarrhea.

The increased attention and investment in social media marketing highlights the importance of applying this marketing resource effectively; that’s where we can help. From establishing the fundamental point of what you want to achieve via this type of internet marketing to making sure you reach the right people, now is the time to get involved in what is rapidly becoming the online marketing equivalent of a gold rush.

Making the most of Social Media

To best utilize social media as a marketing tool requires clear focus, management, applied knowledge and experience of the sector. All things that we can deliver in a tailored way to suit your marketing needs.

You only need look at the situation in Iran earlier this week to see just how much power social media platforms have and there is no indication that this is going to diminish. Now is the time understand that the age of using the blunt shovel of TV advertising to grow business with a message is at an end and embrace the specialized, responsive green thumbs of Receptional’s social media marketing.

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