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In today’s digitally reliant society, the majority of us are attached to our mobile phones via a drip. This is why many businesses need an intravenous Mobile Marketing strategy to fully capture their audience base.

Utilising responsive web design simply doesn’t cut it anymore. The nature of the mobile user has changed alongside the advent of social media, so if somebody ‘likes’, ‘shares’ or ‘retweets’ your content, don’t just count this as a small victory; this ego boost will positively impact your SEO and rankings. We have been advising our clients to build their brand’s exposure through the integration of social media platforms for a while now, and this is so that our clients can measure the latest way that people engage with and share their content. See, we’ve always been one step ahead!

Facebook and Twitter share buttons aren’t enough

Algorithms pay a great deal of attention to social signals and this search and social relationship is set to become even stronger. Having Facebook and Twitter icons on your website is all well and good, but these Social pages need to earn their keep so to speak – especially if they can greatly benefit your SEO.

Around 111 million people in the world use a mobile device to surf the intrepid internet waves, update their Facebook status or share the latest funny cat video, so why not come up with a couple of creative, targeted mobile campaigns to grab your audience’s attention.

Photography Apps: Create a Company Instagram account

Photography apps have gathered quite a lot of steam over the last year, but there is one that out strides the competition. Instagram’s mix of alluring filters and the social share option opened up a whole other audience base to tap in to.

If you’re a fashion based brand, you could run a #competition for best dressed people in your garms’. Or, even if you’re a building firm, your environment makes for great subject matter; take some photos from a couple of interesting angles, add a filter, and you have a unique way of promoting your skills in a shareable format.

The cool filters negate the need for an expensive camera and the app integrates Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr allowing for a convenient cross-platform share.


(I took this picture! Shameless self-promotion: follow me on  Instagram @zoeleeskelton)

Receptional has jumped on the photography bandwagon. March 2013 is ‘phoneography’ month, a month for camera phone fanatics to show off their mad skills to the online community. Check out #phoneography and a world of digital mastery will be yours.

We’ve even created a Phoneography Google+ album for all of our followers to scrutinize.

Brand’s doing it well: Take a look at Victoria Secret’s instagram profile, good quality product with, er, tantalizing subject matter…need I sat anymore?

Promote your brand with Video apps

There are a couple of competing video apps currently available with the social share functionality, however Twitter’s Vine has one of the largest users bases.

So many big brands are getting creative with Vine. The maximum running time is six seconds, but this just means that you need think outside of the box when marketing your brand in such a succinct way. Videos quickly go viral, so this app is not one to be over-looked.


Image courtesy

Brands doing it well: It’s easy to see the appeal of the app upon viewing Trident Gum’s entry. The unwavering close-up is a little gruesome, but the activity is reminiscent and fun.

Run targeted Social Media Campaigns

I’ve seen some of the biggest fashion houses to my friend’s start-ups running Twitter hashtag and Facebook share competitions and seeing a fantastic ROI. Claire Maley is a fashion designer based in Milton Keynes, she set up her own clothing line last year and has seen an enormous growth in interest from followers all over the world. By setting up targeted hash tag campaigns with monetary incentives that will encourage her Facebook followers to share pictures of themselves wearing her clothing, Claire has gone from a budding entrepreneur to a globally recognised alternative brand.

Brands doing it well: CM – Claire initiates different hash tag and share competitions to entice audiences from both social networks.


Image courtesy Claire Maley (That’s my twitter handle by the way – feel free to follow!)

Claire appeals to her Facebook followers by personalising messages and thanking those that were involved.


Image courtesy Claire Maley

Need help with Mobile Marketing campaigns?

The Receptional team have successfully implemented creative social campaigns for many of our clients from various industrial and commercial sectors, so you shouldn’t see the nature of your business as a restriction upon your creativity. As a team, we can come up with suitable pitch that will reflect the tone of your business.

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