The truth about working at Receptional…

The truth about working at Receptional…

Not only have I got some valuable experience to add to my CV, I have learnt and improved many skills; event management, organisation and time management to name but a few. I believe they will be really useful both in my future working career and in everyday life.

The working environment at Receptional is something they should be proud of. Everyone is really friendly and makes you feel comfortable, except Brad he just bullies you 😛 There is a great team atmosphere and you know that if you are finding a task challenging someone will always be available to help. However, it’s not all just work, there are opportunities for you to get to know and develop strong relationships with everyone in the team, through the very competitive table football games between the departments to the occasional pool games. Receptional has great flexibility as well with its employees; if you ever have a problem someone will always be there to help you.

They treat their clients like assets to the company, they are always thinking of new ways to help improve the clients’ marketing strategies and how to have the competitive edge over rival companies. When it comes to prospective clients, lots of analysis is undertaken to work out exactly where that company is now, where they want to go and how Receptional are going to get them there.

Receptional is a company that you should feel proud to work for, be a client of or even just be associated with. If you are looking for Internet Marketing either to work in or for your own business to help improve your consumers online experience. I believe Receptional would be a great option to consider.

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