Travelsphere Case Study

Project Brief:

To improve the overall performance of the PPC account for Page & Moy across 3 of their major brands:

Using all tools available Receptional were tasked with increasing the share of passengers per brand, decreasing the cost per acquisition for each brand and ultimately the overall profitability of the three brands, whilst providing a transparent and flexible way of working with the Page & Moy Travel team to achieve their overall objectives.

The Problems:

  • Passenger numbers were not growing quickly enough in line with the companies expectations.
  • There was a lack of exposure for many tour areas and offerings, with a target set of achieving 100% exposure for all holidays and tours for all three brands.
  • There was overdependence on brand related keywords for bookings and brochure requests, with generic, non-brand keywords not delivering enough bookings and brochure requests for the holidays and tours.
  • There was a lack of granularity in campaign structure with poor performing keywords/adgroups affecting overall campaign performance.
  • A high degree of flexibility and responsiveness was required to effectively manage the relationship and to keep pace with the changes in the dynamic travel market. This also included sales and promotional offers, as and when necessary.
  • Ad performance had stagnated somewhat with many ads not using best practice techniques. Much ad optimisation and testing was required in order to improve the quality of ad copy and to bring it in line with best practice techniques. 
  • A lack of set budget forecasts based on seasonality for paid search, in order to have the right budgets in place, in the right months, in line with seasonality and to maximise the return on this ad spend.

The Solutions:

  • Further passengers were generated through increasing the size and exposure of the three brand accounts, in order to generate growth.
  • An increase in the volume of bookings and brochure requests from generic, non-brand traffic, through smarter promotion of tours, highlighting their USP’s in more compelling ad copy. 
  • Exposure was maximized by growing the account significantly. This involved setting up tens of extra campaigns, hundreds of extra ad groups and using 10,000’s of extra keywords across the three brands in order to make the account as granular and targeted as possible.
  • More specific campaigns were setup with highly refined keyword lists on the appropriate match types, in granulated ad groups based on search volume and relevancy to improve quality scores.
  • A team of six consultants worked directly on the three brand accounts, with two senior paid search consultants managing the three brands on a daily basis. This management involved working weekdays and weekends, well outside business hours, in order to manage the accounts, and was necessary in order to achieve optimal performance and ultimately the significant year-on-year improvements mentioned below.
  • Promotions were kept up-to-date and managed closely, in order to support offline activity and ultimately the company’s wider business objectives.
  • Numerous budgeting and forecasting exercises were undertaken, involving the analysis of recent performance data, coupled with historical data and seasonal data provided by suppliers such as Google. This identified key trends and enabled us to advise on optimal budget levels, in order to improve their return on investment throughout the year. 

The Results:

(January to March 2010 Vs 2011)

  • Total passenger bookings up +224.45%
  • Passenger cost per acquisition down -12.84%
  • Revenue up +233.65%
  • Revenue per click up +74.23%
  • Conversion rate up +69.43%
  • Revenue per click up +74.23%
  • Total brochure requests up +31.34%
  • Return on Investment increased by +17.98%

These results were not easy to achieve in what is a very competitive market but nevertheless were achieved through more effective account management and by fostering a very close working relationship with the Page & Moy Travel Group.

Ultimately we delivered more high quality traffic than in the previous year, reducing the flow of irrelevant and unconverting traffic, and subsequently increasing the returns from the campaigns significantly. The account is now unrecognisable to that of the inherited account, having grown and developed so considerably in order to achieve the objectives set.

The Page & Moy Travel Group is comprised of three brands which include Travelsphere, Page & Moy and Just You. They offer a wide range of escorted holidays to destinations worldwide.

Receptional is a leading UK internet marketing consultancy offering a complete range of search engine marketing services to increase performance, from PPC advertising to SEO and Link Building .

Matt Loughlin

Matthew heads up Receptional’s paid search team. He has been with Receptional since early 2008 and is a shareholder in the business. Matt has worked on hundreds of paid search campaigns. He has experience of large-scale clients (spends in excess of £100k/month) in markets such as travel, retail, finance and gaming. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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