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I came across another interesting update to twitter trending today as I was searching the top trending topics to see what people are talking about on twitter.

First of all, for those of you who are not familiar with Trending topics on twitter, Tending topics are the top 10 things that are being talked about on twitter. They are usually shown by a keyword in the trending topics bar at the side of your twitter home page (diagram below). These are useful to follow to see what most of the people are talking about, as well as finding out information about the trending topics in real time, what conversations are going on, links to articles on the subject and just general opinions and rections to the topic at hand. They tend to be very useful to find out about breaking news stories if they are popular and are news stories that a lot of people are talking about; as well as highlighting new and popular conversations on the twitter site. Some of the trending topics will include hashtags (e.g. #cat09 in the example diagram below) which just goes further to highlight the keyword for trending topics and replies to the tweet.

I found today that twitter has now started to give explanations of some of the trending topics so that if you are interested in knowing what the majority of twitter users are talking about without having to research too much (see above). This is an interesting function and will give many the opportunity to become more involved in the platform by keeping up to date with the trending topics and what they are all about.


As most of you who read our blog often you know I talk about trending topics in a lot of posts, and they continue to be the fastest moving news medium for the majority of the conversations that are going on in twitter. So with this new explanation function I think from a useability function twitter is continuing to progress to make it more user friendly. If you want to stay ahead, and if you don’t already have one, get youreslf a profile and see how it works so that you will find out about the news and topics being talked about all around the world before reading about them in traditional media, which by all acounts will be a lot faster than waiting for tomorrows newspaper for yesterdays news.