Twitter applications Part 1

As most people who are active users of Twitter will know, the options for uses are endless and having lots of followers is an exciting prospect but how can you make sure that you are not going to get swamped with heaps of information, hundreds of emails for follower notices, thousands of Direct messages, and many @username Tweets which will most likely need response quickly?  It’s daunting and can be very time consuming to do. The main thing to remember is not to miss out on the most important things, the responses, the conversations and the wonderful information which you can find in tweets. Being aware of your followers and making sure that you are not missing out on following interesting people who have found you is also a very important secondary aspect.

So how do you do all this with the minimum of effort and the maximum outcomes? Use Twitter applications!!

I have found a list of very interesting and useful Twitter applications which you can use to find followers, notify you of un-follows, post content from multiple accounts, keep up to date with trends and content on twitter and pretty much anything that you want to do.


Using Twitter applications gives the opportunity to use twitter to its full potential and reduce the time that you need to spend on doing all the things that are important to keep your twitter active, interesting and growing.

Some of the applications from this list which I use:

Twitter Karma – This helps with the option of following an being followed. It gives you the opportunity to clean up your account every now and again, letting you know who is following you and who you are following and giving you the opportunity to cull the amount of people you follow in case there are people who you don’t want to follow anymore, people who haven’t followed you back, and or people who you have fallen out of love and admiration with. Whatever the reason, you can un-follow or follow numbers of people at the same time, saving the time of going through lists manually on Twitter.


Twellow – a directory to find people on twitter with same or similar occupations as yourself, or to find people from and industry you want to Tweet with.

Twubble – Find people with same interests, will give you options of people who you may like to follow. Good way to grow follower lists, the correct way!

Tweet Beep– Follow tweets with keywords in them which you are interested in. Useful to find current content to RT and find people talking about the things that interest you. For tracking things said about you and your company you can use the brand name or your name as a keyword for tweets, very useful app! Although a word of warning, unless you use twitter all day you may want to limit the amount of tweetbeeps you receive as you may receive one every hour of the day, this can get a little irritating!

The Mattinator – application to help with the handling of multiple twitter accounts, so for instance if you control the twitter on 5 different accounts, you can post and update many at the same time without having to switch between accounts.

Twitterless – This is a twitter app that will send you a message when one of your followers un-followers you. This may not seem to be very useful but it stops people who will follow large amounts of people, only to unfollow them soon after to make themselves look more popular than they really are! It is also a useful tool to see if there is something controversial or not liked by your followers which you post. If you post something offensive or which is not liked by your followers you may receive large amounts of unfollow’s, this will give you the opportunity to delete the tweet if you wanted too.

These are a couple of these applications which I use often, and I am making my way round the lists of applications as new issues or uses arise but by no means do I suggest to use them all, there are not enough hours in the day! Use them to make Twitter easier, not for it to take over your life!

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