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It has been reported from the very mouth of Co-Founder of Twitter Biz Stone that Twitter is in the stage of being able to produce commercial accounts which businesses will be able to use with features such as tracking systems and a business minded application programming interface (API).

This new functionality will not only persuade business users to come to twitter but I am sure will also make companies take more of an active look at twitter for marketing purposes due to the added functionality and tracking opportunities. This functionality has seen businesses such as Google Grow immensely and will also be a great function for the ever growing Social Media Platform.

This on par with Twitter’s ever growing Real-Time search capability will only mean that the platform will grow bigger in the coming months and years and become more of a household name than it already is.

This is time now to get yourself familiar with Twitter and how it works so that when this become a part of every online marketing campaign you will already know the uses and functions which Twitter is capable of and how you can use it to market effectively.

This evolution will be a very exciting time for Twitter and marketers already present on the platform.