Twitter Enters the Dictionary

I was sent a story from the Telegraph Newspaper Earlier today by a colleague which talks about ‘Twitter’ now being introduced into the English Dictionary! Not only does it have the generic ‘twitter’ but another 3 twitter related entries.

 This shows the reach of Twitter in today’s society, its inclusion in everyday life with the introduction of its place in the Dictionary will truly cement its position as more than just a fad, especially to its 1.8 million users. Its uses are unprecedented and with its multitude of functionality I hope to see more progressions of this sort and the people who are slow to adopt may full well also be introduced to this Micro blogging Phenomenon!


Telegraph article

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  1. This is certainly a show of strength for Twitter considering how few brands have actually managed to enter the Oxford English Dictionary by brand, let alone by definition. It should be noted however that they have ‘latched on’ to the existing definition of ‘twitter’ (to make smalltalk etc) increasing their chances of entering the dictionary in the first place. This could be argued that they therefore lack a strength of terminology when you consider the likes of “Hoover”, “Xerox”, “Thermos” all entering the dictionary creating their own unique terminology/brand names. This article outlines some more examples of brands in the dictionary directly under their brand names. So in that respect is “Twitter” as strong a brand as these?

    All in all though, impressive to say the least – I wonder how much new traffic the dictionary will generate for the site from 5 year olds looking up the term ‘twitter’ from childrens books about birds..!

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