You’re my Fave Tweeter!

 ‘Favouriting’ has often been my way of letting people know that I like their tweets, they aren’t half bad and I can’t give them the justice they deserve by RT’ing them to my followers. It has also been a way of grabbing a tweet I thought interesting and best kept for a rainy day or a presentation on Social Media when I want to look cool, trendy and up to date.  However, under closer inspection of the Tweets I have favourited over the years, it would appear that professionalism isn’t always at the top of my list…

SarahMBradley Favourite Tweets...very professional

With the rise of the Facebook ‘Like’, the Google +1, the Klout +1 the Pin, the Love, the, the Reblog and the StumbledUpon-whoops-a-daisy, Social Network users have been spoilt with their one-click acknowledgements. Why should Twitter be any different? Hitting that little star button is now the easiest, and most minimal, way of engaging online without having to worry about your news feed becoming Re-Tweet central.

Check out Issac Hepworth‘s research on the matter. Since Twitter’s update in December 2011, the Favourite icon has become a fast favourite with Tweeters across the world:


Issac Hepworth's Twitter Favourite Research


After all, who can really be bothered to clog up their timeline with Stephen Fry’s re-tweets when the new trend on Twitter means that you don’t have too?

(Well..all of us really)