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” Over the years, social media and social networking services, particularly Facebook and Twitter, have evolved tremendously … They once catered almost exclusively to a youthful demographic. But now, they present priceless marketing and business networking opportunities to professionals around the world.” SOURCE: TransWorldNews

Key Benefits Of Twitter Marketing:

  • Direct Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Relationship Managment & PR
  • Promote Brand & Products
  • Send news and info straight to the people who want to hear it
  • First hand market research
  • Interact with New Customers
  • Added Value to your SEO
  • Referral to B2B & B2C oppertunities
  • And much more…

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Twitter is one of the biggest growth markets in the Social Media Environment. It has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the most powerful opportunities to any business online.

So many companies use it to do different things. Do you have a company Twitter Profile? If not, then why? It’s free and takes minutes to reach audiences worldwide. With the heaps of functionality and the many uses can you afford to get left behind?

Growth Rate Of Twitter (Jan 09 – Feb 09) = 1382%

We use many techniques here at Receptional to use profiling and tools to find the audiences which you need to be introducing yourself too and talking too, communicating your content too and getting your brand recognized.

Why do all the biggest brands in the world now feature on Twitter? Because they know how powerful it is and how many uses that it has. So let us help you!

Without some inclusion to Twitter Marketing no business can fully understand the options available. With companies such as Dell racking up over $1 million in revenue specifically from using Twitter intelligently it is something which cannot be ignored.

Include Twitter Marketing as part of your Social Media Campaign and reap the benefits of this new and fast growing new Social Media Marketing prospect.

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