UN Reveal Global Broadband Divide

The UN has released figures on the global disparity in fixed broadband access and the cost.
Macao, China is the cheapest place to get a fixed broadband connection, at 0.3% of the average monthly income.

On the opposite end of the scale, the Central African Republic is the most expensive, costing nearly 40 times the average monthly income.

Niger has been revealed as the most expensive place to access communication technologies with landlines and mobiles also being taken into account.

These statistics have been released ahead of the UN 2010 Millennium Development Goals Summit in New York on September 19.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been set as a target intended to reduce global poverty and improve living standards by 2015. These goals are targeted towards education, fighting disease and promoting gender equality. Access to communications technology is within one of the targets.

Progress remains uneven to achieve the goals, with five years to go until the deadline. Some countries have already achieved many of the goals, while many others, mostly in the developing world will in all likelihood not realise any.

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