Updates to Google's Data Highlighter Tool

I recently posted about some of the awesome ways that you can improve your appearance in the Google search results using rich snippets.

Now it seems that Google has updated its Webmaster data highlighter tool to support rich snippets for a whole bunch of other data types including;

Here’s a screen shot from webmaster tools Data Highlighter Tool showing these additions:


It’s pretty easy to use. You simply paste the URL of the page that you would like to markup with rich snippets, and then selecet the type of infomation that you want to highlight from the dropdown list.

The tool was originally released to help the less tech-savvy among us to select the content that we would like to markup, but when it was released back in December 2012, it only supported event listings!

Data Highlighter Tool will positively impact business and ecommerce sites

But this new update will make it much easier for small businesses and ecommerce sites that don’t have any knowledge of coding to add rich snippet data to their products and service pages. Benefiting both their organic search performance and ultimately, boosting conversions.

According to Barry Schwartz in his article about the release, Google are set to add additional data types to the highlighter over time. So, if I were you, I’d keep an eye out for those, as the current supported data types already make your listings look pretty fancy – the next roll out will have to be something special. Like instead of pictures of humans with cat beards trending, we’ll start seeing actual cats with cat beards. That would be loads better…

Image courtesy: https://twitter.com/innocentdrinks/status/339671257979166720/photo/1

And @SarahMBradley for flagging this.

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  1. My technical contributions just get better an better. Next week: lizards with moustaches!

  2. Zoe-Lee SkeltonMay 29, 2013 at 1:07 pm · Reply

    I hope you’re listening social media sphere: We want lizards with Burt Reynold style moustaches!

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