Back in February 2012, Google made changes to their ad sitelink functionality meaning that other text within your ads could be used in sitelinks to make them more prominent than the standard set of traditional sitelinks- examples shown below.

February 2012 Upgraded Sitelinks:

Traditional Sitelinks:

Google’s rationale behind this is that more precise and detailed ads enable Google search users to make more informed decisions, as sitelinks can take visitors to specific areas deep within your site, quickly. In beta testing, click-through rates were said to be significantly higher for the new sitelink format compared with the traditional format, which is unsurprising given the sheer size and scale of the ads in the SERPS.

The latest upgrade

Well, as of 18 June, 2013, Google upgraded the enhanced sitelinks, allowing us to nominate specific text for our sitelinks descriptions from within our accounts. This allows us to control the enhanced sitelinks that display, when they are shown in the format below.

These sitelinks have already caused a bit of a stir, due to the ads taking up even more real estate in the SERPS than previously, pushing organic results down the page. It is clear though, that Google is continuing down this route, which is unsurprising given that AdWords is their main source of revenue (accounting for a mere $42.5 billion in 2012!)

Others aren’t keen on this new ad format as it mirrors the organic sitelinks format, a free feature that Google has provided in Webmaster Tools for some time. The image below shows an organic listing with sitelinks, and the similarities with the upgraded sitelink format are extremely clear.

How can I get AdWord’s new sitelinks?

For advertisers that wish to take advantage of the new sitelinks, you will need to have upgraded your campaigns to enhanced campaigns if you haven’t done so already. Once you have upgraded, you then have the option of creating additional text for your sitelinks in the ‘description’ fields of the image below.


And Voila! It’s as simple as that. Remember though, that Sitelinks don’t display for all searches and when they do, the format of these sitelinks will vary between the formats displayed above.

To my PPC colleagues – Enjoy!

To my SEO colleagues – Erm…Good luck!

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