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There are literally hundreds of Google Analytics reports that you can use to improve the performance of your website with regards to usability, search engine optimsation and the ROI of your paid search campaigns

Recently, I have been focusing on the keyword performance report which has helped to significantly improve the performance of many of our clients Google Adwords campaigns.  The report is very simple and easy to use and uncovers actionable information for you to use to further improve your Adwords campaigns.

The keyword position report can be found under Traffic sources>Adwords>Keyword Position and allows you to compare performance metrics based on the average position of each of your pay per click keywords.







The report allows you to compare conversion rates, time spent on the site, revenue per visit (and many other interesting metrics) to find the optimum position for your selected keywords.  This gives advertisers valuable information on what positions to target and what keywords you can afford to increase bid prices for and what terms you should reduce.

When analysing this data for one of our clients it was clear that although the top positions generated more clicks, it was really positions 4-7 where visitors converted at a much higher rate and spent longer engaging with the site. 

Based on this information were able to recommend specific bidding strategies for groups of high value keywords, which had a significant impact on the conversion rate, CPA and the overall return on investment from their Google Adwords traffic.