Using PPC to aid SEO

Personally, I think PPC is wonderful. As long as you have good tracking in place the instantaneous nature of the data you can look into about your account’s performance allows for quick updates and improvements and fewer lost opportunities.

Besides the obvious up sides of using pay per click advertising it can also be used to gather quick data to improve SEO performance.

Here’s how:

PPC can be used to immediately test whether keywords have a reasonably good traffic volumes & conversion rates for on your site. (Obviously, you have the advantage of being selective with your landing pages in PPC but the principle is sound.)

The immediacy of data feedback can help to inform a SEO copywriting strategy and internal and external linking strategies by providing fast keyword info and the navigation paths taken around your site.

For example, if your business sold different types of cheese you may find that you receive lots of visits to your website via pay-per-click for the keyword "cheese" but that these visitors did not translate into sales very often whereas people clicking through to your site on the keyword "brie" resulted in proportionately many more sales. This would indicate that optimising your web content for the word "brie" would be a sensible strategy to generate more sales from fewer, but more targeted, visitors. 

Using SEO & PPC Together

A sound all-round approach to online marketing can work wonders. Utilising a combination of paid search and organic search listings to promote your site can help you to monopolise search results pages and therefore, as long as your SEO and PPC are well thought out and well implemented, bring high numbers of potential customers to your site.

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