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First off to make it clear, this is not a post about innovations and developments in the link building industry, so those of you keen link builders should stick to Barrie or Dixons posts. This post follows an observation I made regarding the use of QR codes in businesses.

Having recently conducted a task at work inputting business card details into our list of contacts, I noticed one very basic business card that simply listed the name of the contact and a QR code.

For those of you not familiar with QR code’s (short for Quick Response Codes), they are basically an image that can be scanned by Smartphone’s or QR readers to redirect to URL’s or reveal text information stored within the code.

Anyway, after scanning our contacts details with my android phone I was easily able to access his contact details such as phone number, email and website from my handheld device. This gave me the option to instantly send him an email, add him to my list of phones contacts or view their companies’ website through the android browser.

This got me thinking. In a world where technology is increasingly becoming influential in daily life and Smartphone sales continuing to grow in our modern society, could this contact of cottoned on to a new form of sharing contact details (which I’m sure is already being used by many of you out there)? Despite the major flaw of not including anything other than a QR code, (making his details instantly inaccessible for users that are yet to own Smartphone’s) I feel this was a very innovative idea.

So could small businesses take this further? Could we soon see QR codes on websites to download contact details? Or even for directions to an office? I’m sure there are plenty of other innovative ideas (I even read about airlines looking to implement the technology for boarding passes) but for SME’s, simple yet effective uses can make a world of a difference.

So with this in mind, I have given it a go myself with two QR codes above, one code for our office location and another presenting our basic contact details. This took me all of 10 seconds to produce and I would highly recommend giving it a go yourself.

With simple to use tools such as the ZXING QR code Generator ( you can easily create QR codes for your business and embrace this simple yet effective technology.

Now just to make this into a proposal to implement onto our new website and I might even get a drink out of it!