Using your global brand to Leverage the World Cup online

I noticed an advert on the train last night, returning from SMX. Toshiba have a promotion… Buy an HD TV and if England win the world cup, you get the TV for free. I thought that this was rather a big risk for them to take, given that the world cup betting puts them at 6-1 (as of today) given that the best Curries can come up with is £10 back for every goal England score.

Then it dawned on me that Curries is primarily a UK brand, but Toshiba is worldwide. Maybe Toshiba’s risks were not as great as I first thought. I did some checking today… and sure enough, Toshiba have managed to coordinate this campaign in several languages across multiple countries.

The offer in the UK

The offer in Spain (Via Google Translate)

The offer in Italy (Via Google translate)

I am sure that there are more. Interestingly, Italy’s offer does not include HD televisions. Either the market is either staurated or not yet ready for HD.

This is an excellent example of how a global brand can often be more effective than a local one online. Both brands are heavily resourcing a campaign which plays to the same type of person – the same dreams – the same aspirations. But one is offering MUCH more than the other. Yet Toshiba will end up with less risk and a better margin. If England win, they pay out on UK televisions – say £500 a time. But all the other coutries don’t. So their volume more than makes up for the difference. By contrast, Curries are likely to spend £60 on every TV sold over the next few months.

For the consumer, It seems that the BEST bet (if you are in the UK) is to EITHER buy a Toshiba qualifying TV from Curries and cash in twice OR go to Spain and buy it from there (He joked, way too cynically).

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  1. Interesting and to me this seems like an ingenious marketing approach, cashing in on both people’s love of a gamble, and using an event for which their product directly enhances people’s experiences. Is there even a precedent for a country-coordinated promotion like this before from a multinational?

    I predict that Toshiba will sell a lot of tellys this summer and there will be a lot of cheesed off people come July…

  2. The bookmakers are predicting Curries will be paying out £90-100!

  3. >>Is there even a precedent for a country-coordinated promotion like this before from a multinational?<<

    I am sure there are many – which is why companies pay so much to sponsor international events but none really come to mind. I think most multinational campaigns revolve around a multinational leveraging their infrastructure to keep costs down, rather than leveraging an offer that will only have to pay out in one country – and then only if a country involved in the promotiona wins.

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