Video Marketing & Viral Marketing

The audience for online video sharing sites like YouTube and Google Video continues to grow swiftly across all demographic groups, far outpacing the adoption rates of many other Internet activities” – Source: MSNBC

  • Reach a worldwide audience with only the cost of making a video
  • Counter negative publicity
  • Humanise the company
  • Product and brand promotion
  • Create brand advocates
  • Create video sharing of your content
  • establish communication with customers

Video Marketing and Viral Marketing are much the same and are a very big part of all successful Social Media Marketing campaigns. Viral Marketing tends to be the way to facilitate the growth of Video Marketing campaigns. Certain companies have used video marketing in a way to get their products recognised worldwide and some have maintained this and gone viral by taking simple videos with small budgets and turning this into Millions in revenue.

100,000,000 = The number of YouTube videos viewed EVERY DAY

Producing interesting and video fun content that can transcend demographics and languages to make it likely that people will tell their friends about it send it in emails, tweet about it, post it in their blogs etc will guarantee that you can get unprecedented success with little or no actual cost to yourself and your company.

Let our internet marketing consultant’s help and educate you as to the best way to use video sharing sites such as YouTube to promote your products and services. For the small cost of the production or a video and some good work with promotion and seeding this content around the internet you can have sustainable video promotion worldwide for people to see 24 hours a day with nothing but the cost of the production of the video!

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing doesn’t have to be a video. It can be a picture, and advert, a game or an application. The whole idea around ‘viral marketing & promotion’ is to make it interesting enough for people to enjoy it and want to share it with their friends. It needs to include branding and have some sort of link to your company so that you can promote yourself in the viral tool while people are sharing it with their friends.

If you are still a little confused as to what a viral campaign is, a good example of a successful Viral campaign is the ‘elf yourself’ application from OfficeMax which comes out during the Christmas period and allows you to make fun videos  of dancing elves with you, your friends, your family and colleagues faces in the video. This has been shared around the world by millions of people and will no doubt have been a very successful branding and advertising exercise for the company.

We have connections to some of the best companies in the UK who produce viral games and software and can help you create, promote and distribute the viral product using Social Media so that you can really track and see how much traffic back to your site and about your brand will have increased since the viral campaign.

What to do Next

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