We Are England Viral Marketing Campaign

How "Ricky" and the NSPCC have created a way to get 60,000 parents linking into a website and raise money in the process through a unique viral marketing campaign and how you can help or benefit. As the World Cup looms (that’s soccer for anyone over the pond), you can bet that songs will be sung, campaigns will be fought and advertising ground will be claimed in a frenzy to attract your attention. For us, it is all about "Link Building" and as we keep saying, it is not always just a "hyperlink" that is important.The NSPCC and a new (to me) band called Ricky have got together to create an unusual viral marketing campaign. The band has travelled accross 200 schools in England to record the voices of 60,000 children in the backing track to their new England world cup anthem.Imagine what 60,000 parents are going to do when they find out their child is on a single on the top of the pops? Yep – they will try to get their hands on the single. It is available, by the way, from This web site and you can also get your company involved buy sponsoring the site. Get in quick – the world cup looms ever closer! dominic.hirst@beatcrazy.co.uk is the man to talk to on 44 (0) 7966 335 863. He’ll be looking for five figure sponsors, but you know it makes sense!

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