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Web marketing is becoming ever more personalised as the next-generation of marketing tools become more widely used, according to a number of leading American firms in the sector.

A web marketing conference coming up in San Francisco will address some of the issues surrounding how best to attract and maintain a consumers attention via an email in an already cluttered inbox.

Personalising such emails is seen as the way forward but there is still debate among researchers and marketers on just how to make the most of the attention grabbing power of the personal touch.

"True ‘relevance’ lies in the content and context of a marketing message, not in the mere strategic placement of a recipient’s name or other customer data in a marketing solicitation," says Bruce Biegel, senior managing director of Winterberry Group.

"If marketers expect results, they must tailor relevant messages by utilising data and analytics programs that react to geo-, demo- and psychographic information to enhance behavioural targeting and measurement," he adds.

The Winterberry Group conducts market intelligence research in order to provide consultancy services to businesses wanting to boost their shareholder values and company profits.

Development of marketing technologies is also a focus area of the New York-based company.