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Key Benefits:

  • Increased sales volume/conversion rate
  • Improved ROI for paid campaigns such as PPC
  • Improved customer experience
  • Enhanced brand image
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What is Website Usability?

Website usability is the ease with which visitors are able to use your website.

If a visitor finds your website easy to use, they are much more likely to turn into a customer. Therefore the purpose of reviewing website usability is to ensure your website is as easy as possible to use, and as such is as effective as possible in turning visitors into customers.

If a potential customer finds your website easy to use they are more likely to become a customer.

The aim of reviewing a website’s usability is to ensure your website gives visitors no reason to go elsewhere and consequently sees them make the transition from visitors to customers.

Make the Most of Your Budget

Most companies are investing in online marketing with a view to attracting as many visitors as possible to their website in the hope that they will fulfill a desired action (make a purchase, register, send an email etc). But why invest your precious marketing budget and then sit back and hope?

It is possible to have an impact on user experience once they have reached your website. Through usability best practice and usability testing, you are able to improve the impact of your marketing budget by directly influencing the traffic you are paying for. After all, it is only when visitors turn into customers that marketing budgets prove their worth.

Improving Your Websites Usability

The usability of a website can be improved at any stage of its lifecycle. A usability audit is used to breakdown a websites usability, identifying trouble spots and recommending solutions. Usability testing on the other hand can be used to fine tune websites usability, accurately measuring visitor responses to variations of content ultimately identifying specific ways to improve aspects of a website.

Whether it is a complete overhaul or fine tuning that you require, Receptionals expertise and measured approach can help you.

Usability Audit

With extensive experience of working with client websites, Receptionals consultants have a collective skill and knowledge which mean we are able to identify website usability problem areas.

When conducting a Usability Audit, we create profiles of the typical users, and ascertain the type of requirements they may have. We will look at the tasks and processes visitors may perform on a particular site, and the typical navigation routes they may take. Some of the issues we identify may seem quite minor, but the cumulative effect of several small difficulties is often enough for a visitor to leave a site early.

The use of our tracking technology and expertise allows us to analyse and interpret exactly how your visitors respond to every aspect of your website and ultimately identify what it is that turns a visitor into a customer. For example, we can see where visitors enter a site, how they navigate a site, what they look at, and where they exit.

The problems we identify with a site are often easily corrected, with minimal disruption and change to the look and feel of the site, however, the impact – in terms of customer satisfaction and conversion rates – can be dramatic.

Usability Testing

Over recent years, we have developed a wide range of skills and techniques, together with a close familiarity with the workings of the internet, which allows us to offer a unique and thorough service to all our clients, with many value-added benefits. Our knowledge of internet usage and systems will greatly improve the value of Usability Testing to you.

By analysing every aspect of your business and your customers, we build an understanding of both what you offer and what your customers are looking for. This is extremely important to us as it gives us the knowledge we need in order to assess what aspects of your pages are going to have the most impact on your clients whilst ensuring your message is clear.

We do not simply run standard tests on your website, we get to know and understand your business, allowing us to tailor our test to your needs.

What to do Next

We can help with usability at any stage of a website’s lifecycle, whether you require an existing site to be analysed or are interested in having a new site created which is more usable. Call us now on 01525 715520 or contact us over the internet for personalised advice and further information.


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