What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook revealed their new Graph Search on Tuesday, the latest way to search for interests on the leading social network.

Facebook Graph Search helps you uncover information within your network of friends. From simple searches such as “Photos of me in Barcelona, Spain” to more complex searches such as “Photos of me before 2000 uploaded by Dave“.

The service is currently in beta testing now with only a handful of people gaining access on Tuesday.

Graph Search will be useful for digging up old photos and visited places, but when it first launches you will not be able to bring up old status updates.

When I am searching for local restaurants, I already have Google Maps and the likes of Trip Advisor for locations and reviews. With Graph Search I will be able to find restaurants my friends have tried and tested. We will soon be able to do the same with holiday recommendations, books, and all the important things once Graph Search comes out of beta mode.

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  1. If you’ve seen the Provacy issues on the state of search blog, this brings home many of the sensitivities that Google seems to have amazingly side stepped to this point. I know that you should not put details about yourself on Facebook if you are not prepared to stand by them publicly – but I am certain most people on Facebook don’t. They are going to get dragged through the mill. Did you hear that story of a person who’s profile was mistakenly linked to a missing/dead person? She found herslf having to say she was alive and well… only to get arrested for impersonating a dead person… a crime with a potential death penalty in te country that arrested her. Getting this stuff wrong… or even getting it right by analyzing/searching Facebook targeting out of the expected context is going to get very interesting.

  2. To get this change before the masses…

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