What's New in Internet Marketing?

Internet World opened in Earls Court in May. We decided to go and see what was new and what was out in Internet Marketing terms.

InternetWorld used to be a huge trade show as I recall. I was invited to speak there once, and found they wanted to charge me for the honour! So I never really trusted it from there on in as a place to go and learn things. That said, Internet World does represent – in my book – the show that signifies to me when elements of the Internet into the mainstream. In days gone by, ISPs and hosting companies flooded the stands, but in recent years search marketing companies have also bulked up this slightly declining show. This year they combined it with a DMA show – which firmly suggests that the organizers see the Internet and Direct Marketing as inextricably linked.There are really two areas of Internet Marketing that I felt were new this year. The first was the attention spent on marketing to Web 2.0. For those that have no idea what web 2.0 is (and there really isn’t a good definition) the RSS feed from this press center – and the press center itself – are examples of web 2.0. Other examples are GMail, Social Networks like MySpace.com and Blogs.

I congratulate Cheeze.com for tackling the subject in a talk. They seem to be facing similar challenges to the ones we faced in our Blog advertising survey. It seems that – like us – they are having to develop Marketing theories and conduct research from scratch to be able to start developing campaigns that will work well in this medium.The second area that appears to be changing is the resurgence of Email as a marketing tool. Of course – it never went away! But there seem to be new initiatives to help us eliminate spam – mostly by being able to positively identify the sender.The interesting thing is that RSS does what Email Marketing is supposed to do, but in a much more targeted manner, with total respect for the recipient’s time and privacy and a 100% delivery rate. RSS still remains a small part of the marketing mix, but statistics show it is growing fast. You may have reached this article from an RSS feed. If you did, the system works.

If you would like to have take your Internet Marketing campaigns into Web 2.0 integrating RSS and Content Management Driven technology into your on line marketing mix, Receptional can help you to integrate RSS, Blogs, Newsletters and PPC marketing into a single, measurable interface.If you would like Receptional to help you leverage web 2.0 we’d love to hear from you. Contact us

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