Why Invest in Pay Per Click During A Recession

With the global financial crisis that has seen many businesses go under, many redundancies made and that holiday to New York you were dreaming of go out the window, it is no wonder some people around us are panicking. But panicking is a mistake you should avoid. People are cutting back on advertising spend thinking they will save money. But without advertising, how will you communicate your latest product launch or the benefits of using your service to your target market? How will you attract new customers who haven’t heard of your brand name? The answer is, you won’t.


The cost of traditional advertising on TV, billboards and in magazines can be very expensive, and a form of advertising that you are unable to track. You cannot figure out if your TV advert or magazine advert were responsible for the majority of your sales or conversions and therefore you cannot tell whether it’s been a cost-effective strategy.

Online marketing is extremely cost effective and can be tracked from advert through to sale. This allows you to see which of your campaigns are working best, gives you an idea of what to focus more attention on, and most importantly, your Return on Investment (ROI). If something is not working for you, then you can make instant changes and take corrective measures. Pay per click gives you immediate results and effectively kills missed opportunities.

If you don’t have the skills, experience or time to do this yourself, handing this work over to a professional is the right approach to make sure you get highest returns possible.


A reason why lots of companies are cutting back on valuable online resources such as PPC, SEO & Social Media is that they do not fully understand them or have had a short, unsuccessful trial. This is why you should put your trust in experts who provide these services for you and let them show you that it can be profitable and a long-term online growth option.

Cutbacks also hint at using cheaper alternatives; an in-house pay per click team or just a cheaper company to do it. Cheaper alternatives can result in less quality, it’s often a vase of the old agage that ‘you get what you pay for’. Go for a supplier who is experienced and can give you the insight and opportunities that others cannot. And if you’re already using a supplier who is delivering good results, then why change?

Whilst the High Street may be suffering its’ online equivalent is still showing growth. That’s just one reason why any cutbacks in your marketing budget should be very carefully considered as you could effectively be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Be Bold

The recession is a chance for you to stand out, be bold and aggressive with your marketing as others lower their marketing spend or halt it completely, thus giving you the opportunity to increase your market share by increasing your online presence whilst others slip away. Don’t cut back because others are, be brave, have faith in your business and push your products further.

Now is great opportunity to be seen. Some of my own clients have seen a rise in sales this year, arguably down to their competitors being less aggressive, or my marketing getting better and better month-on-month. I’ll let them decide.

Online shopping continues to thrive regardless of the downward trend on the High Street. There are better deals to be had online and with the wealth of companies online selling everything you could possibly need, from your weekly food shopping to your designer clothes. Many predict shopping over the world wide web will only continue to grow, so why hold back now? Now is the chance to get ahead of your competitors by advertising more while they sit back.

The Future

Do some research into new opportunities online. It’s a very fast-moving, results driven and measurable market that will always have new and exciting opportunities for you to grow your company online. Consider the options available, what can they do for you and what you can hope to achieve. Do you have a consultancy working for you currently? Ask them if they offer these services, and get an understanding of how these services can benefit you. Using more than one online advertising channel will help increase your prominence and success online.

Next Step

Whether you have never tried online advertising or have previously had a poor experience of it, Receptional can offer a service to you with over 10 years experience in online marketing that has left many customers very happy. Our experience and knowledge is unparallel and we offer services in pay per click advertising, SEO and social media amongst many other fields. Contact Receptional today for a free quote, or call us on 01525 715520 to discuss what is the right step for you to take.

Barrie Smith

Barrie is a very experienced marketer, with notable successful campaigns in the gambling, e-commerce, travel and many other industries.

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