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PayPal has recently released a very interesting report on online spending that predicts online shopping in Britain will rise from £8.9 billion to £21.3 billion in annual sales by the end of 2011. This forecast spend means every adult in the UK will be spending around £430 a year online (over double the current figure) and that £1 in every £14 will be spent online.

This maybe rather bad news for the high street but is most definitely very positive news for our industry and perhaps a wake-up call to those who are currently not using online marketing to it’s full potential.

With heavy investment in broadband infrastructure nationwide and shift in consumer attitudes towards shopping online, and the way we shop online, it is high time that marketers wake up to the opportunities out there in order to engage targeted users whether it be by PPC, SEO, E-mail marketing, etc or ideally a combination of all these!

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