Why you should incorporate broader brand marketing into PPC campaigns

Landing at university my peers and I were doe-eyed and salivating at the prospect of working in the marketing industry. Surely (we thought) it’s all about coming up with amazing ideas, being flown from client to client by helicopter with lavish lunches courtesy company expenses to seal the deal, isn’t it……….isn’t it?!

Recent successful big brand PPC campaigns

Wrong, while the measuring of metrics may be cold, hard and unforgiving, the creativity behind the campaign is no different to TV’s most over referenced ad exec, Don Draper. 

Take a look at Snickers’ most recent PPC campaign. Incorporating the adverts ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ slogan, Snickers’ agency worked with Google to develop a list of the 500 most common search terms. Taking these terms and running them through an algorithm, the campaign developed a list of 25,381 different misspellings, using these as their keywords for the campaign. In two days Snickers’ campaign served over 550,000 impressions driving 5,874 visitors to their specially created microsite, at an impressive 1.05 CTR

The campaign shows not only the creativity and innovation involved in good PPC practice, but also how PPC activities can be integrated with the more ‘traditional’ marketing activities such as TV advertising. Snickers have used powerful branding through their recent marketing campaigns, such as the ‘Get Some Nuts’ adverts featuring Mr T.

Snickers has consistenly been positioned as a ‘manly’ product, a substantial chocolate bar not for the faint-hearted. The current campaign ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ is a continuation of the masculine theme; a Snickers bar is so substantial it can stop hunger, unlike similar products like Flake or Galaxy which are positioned as ‘treats’ or ‘guilty pleasures’. This campaign is adapted for PPC by insinuating the searcher has misspelt their query due to fatigue as a result of hunger, implying it may be time to re-fuel, and what better way to do this than the substantial Snickers bar.


Treat your PPC campaign like any other marketing campaign

Although this campaign is not just an example of blue sky thinking, it’s worth noting that the campaign was designed as a branding campaign, with the number of impressions being the yardstick. As a result the CTR was targeted at 0.1%, not the astronomical 1.05% recorded from the campaign. This shows how superior creativity in strategy can deliver great, tangible results.

PPC isn’t about ticking boxes or going through the motions, real marketing expertise needs to be included in order to get the maximum benefit from the spend. PPC campaigns need to go through the same processes as any other marketing activity; the implementation must begin with a creative idea or strategy.

If you are planning to integrate broader brand marketing campaigns into your PPC activities why not pick the brains of our brilliantly creative consultants and get in touch today!


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