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Why you should use Clique Hunter for Link Building

Having worked here at Receptional for just under two months, I have been quickly introduced to more and more tools from the MajesticSEO package which is widely use by our link development team.

One of the most useful tools for actually uncovering relevant sources for links comes in the form of the Clique Hunter tool. Essentially this tool calculates sources that your competitors currently have linking to their website and shows a frequency of matches i.e. how many of competitors have links from this source.

Now I am not going to go into how to use the tool as I will leave this up to the guys at Majestic but more focus on how utilising the Clique Hunter can become advantageous for your business.

Links are extremely difficult to find, especially from relevant industry sources. Luckily thanks to the Clique Hunter, it seems that you can dramatically reduce the amount of time wasted “Googling for links” and spend more time acquiring links.

What also seems to be a very common statement in link building is that it is not about quantity, but about quality. So whilst many businesses view link building as posting on forums or blogs with a link back to your website, this has a minimal affect on the major search engines. Once our Clique Hunter data has been extracted to Excel, we can sort this data based on how many matches the source has. Generally the case is that the more matches a source has, the better quality of link, because it is widely used by others in the industry.

Occasionally the Clique Hunter can throw up some anomalies so I would recommend viewing the website before rating it as a legitimate link source.

So overall the Clique Hunter from Majestic is useful for link builders and businesses aiming to boost their Google rankings because it:

  • Dramatically reduces the time spent discovering links
  • Filters potential sources for links that are relevant to your industry
  • Helps you to assess the quality of links coming from the source


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