Yahoo Analytics new data centre is now online: action is required

As of this week, Yahoo Analytics (formerly IndexTools) is now hosted at a new data centre, with a number of improvements.  Now that the system is fully under the Yahoo brand, you will now need to use a Yahoo account to access your website statistics.  Going forward, access to the older data centre and interface will no longer be available. Of course, all of your web analytics data remains unaffected.

How to get access to the new data centre

1.      Sign in to your Yahoo account, or if you don’t have one register a new account

2.      Using the following web address, link your Yahoo account to your old Index Tools account username:


3.      You should now login to your Yahoo Analytics account at the new data centre:


Further information and help

If you have any problems migrating your Index Tools account to Yahoo, talk to your account manager who will be happy to assist in the migration.



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