Yahoo! in new mobile search agreement

Yahoo! has signed a new mobile search agreement with mobile internet provider Bango.

The deal will mean that Yahoo!’s search facilities are incorporated into Bango’s mobile content platform, and will allow businesses to set up a mobile presence and billing system with a minimum of fuss.

The system will also allow firms to establish mobile search advertising campaigns to help target users search for services and products through their cellular handsets, while Bango’s web analytics tools can help companies measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

"The rapid growth in internet usage from mobile devices has opened up many new opportunities for businesses to reach customers at their point of interest," claimed Michael Bayle, Yahoo! search marketing senior director.

"We’re very pleased to work with a leading provider like Bango to help businesses drive traffic to mobile sites and measure the effectiveness of their advertising investment."

Services using Bango’s platform are intended to be launched in the USA, Europe and Asia.

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