Yahoo to display a new logo a day for 30 days

Yahoo! Inc. have announced they will be unveiling a brand new logo.

Over the years, the Yahoo! logo has remained very similar; essentially the only previous difference has been a colour change from red to purple.

The announcement made on their Tumblr account states the unveiling will be made at midnight Eastern Time, USA on 5 September (9pm 4 September in Yahoo!’s California HQ).

In the 30 build-up to the release of a new logo, Yahoo! will be displaying a different logo every day.

Yahoo! have promised to keep the colour purple and their exclamation point.

The logo on day 1 doesn’t exactly look much different to the current logo:

Yahoo! 30 days of change logo day 1

Be sure to check out Yahoo! every day for the next 30 days to see a different logo, before their new official logo is released on 5 September whilst I’m in bed.

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